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Stories Along the Journey

Apr 27, 2023

Re-release Gloria Hughes and Lory Beth Huffman had an engaging conversation with singer, songwriter, recording artist, and storyteller, Abbye West Pates. Abbye shared how her passion for making music connect with the listener has led her to growth in her musical gifting. She shared how she is still learning how to take the songs of old and make them relevant for people today. She is a master at her craft and we are excited to introduce to you this artist from Memphis TN if she isn’t already on your radar.


May 11th at 11:00 Worship Leadership Workshop - Worship, followed by lunch, then a workshop led by Abbye West Pates, Singer, Songwriter, and Worship Leader from Memphis, TN. This will be held at First UMC in Lenoir. Invite anyone who helps lead worship, worship music, etc. Registrations are required for this event. Cost: $15 per person

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Rev. Gloria Hughes at